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Heroes – I think I solved the midseason cliffhanger

I think I know what Peter’s explosion is all about. I was just watching the 7th episode again where Theodor Sprague (the radioactive guy) is caught in the hospital just before Matt reads his dying wife’s thoughts. What’s interesting about that scene is the following dialogue after Sprague has grabbed the nurse:

Audrey: You let her go or I’ll shoot you!
Sprague: Do you have any idea what will happen if you do that? Because I don’t… Maybe I’ll explode… Maybe I’ll… I’ll take out this whole hospital… Maybe I’ll wipe out this city like an atomic bomb.

I think that is exactly what is going to happen. The writers have so far been very careful in planting little hints throughout the episodes of what might happen in the future. We have seen Peter having some sort of clairvoyant dreams, and I think he is just seeing the whole scene from Sprague’s perspective. As you may remember, Sprague escaped and I think something will cause him to become so angry that he won’t be able to handle his power anymore and just explode because his body can’t hold back all that radiation.

Maybe I’m just too obsessed with this show. But it’s so fraking addicting. And I have to do something while eating, so why not watch a Heroes episode again and try to figure out what’s going to happen. After all, I need to get away from the essays for a while to get back to them with renewed vigour. The one for Monday’s finished, the porfolios for Monday and Wednesday are done, the bibliographic research exercise for Monday is half done, which only leaves one essay on Nukespeak (or Polictical Discourse and Propaganda, I haven’t taken a final decision yet, depends on where I can find more sources, ’cause so far both have been scarce) to write for Wednesday. And then it’s Christmas break for three weeks! :)

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