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A few modifications

As you might have noticed, I’ve cleaned the sidebar up a little. If you now want to surf through the archives, you can get them on a separate page rather than scrolling down on the main page. Same goes for the categories and the links. A minor change here is the fact that I took out the authors of the categories, so if you now want to read all the posts by only one author, you can find the link under “Archives” -> “by author”. It’s all still dynamic (was a bit of a hassle to find out how I can use WordPress-specific php variables on a page and therefore outside of the Loop – especially because the WordPress provided templates for Archives, Links and Categories were faulty), so the months, categories and links will still appear automatically as they’re added to the database (else I would just forget about manually putting a link onto the page half of the time ;)).

I’ve also finally corrected the stupid bug that made the sidebar disappear whenever you used the search bar.

Finally, I’ve added a little countdown plugin to put some dates in. I’ll use that one randomly for things I might be looking forward to in the future.

4 thoughts on “A few modifications”

  1. w?©ini fix de dat, wann een ob TAB noom commenten dreckt, dat een dann ob den button kennt an net iergendwousoss?
    dat as mengen ech e bug vum benevolence

  2. @ Thorben
    Ech wousst mol net dass ech dee Problem h?§tt, ech benotzen Tab ni fir e Button unzewielen. Ech wees allerdengs net wourunner de Feeler soll leien, d’Schaltfl?§ch ass ganz klo?´r als tabindex 5 agestallt, an d’Searchbox wou en emmer hispr?©ngt ass op tabindex 6 agestallt. IE kann ech net testen, vu dass et dee fir de Mac just an enger total veraalter Versioun gett, mam Safari kann ee Buttons souwisou net uwielen, mee et geet souguer mam Firefox och net…
    Vu Benevolence ass net m?©i vill bis guer n?§ischt m?©i iwwreg. ;)

    Ech verspriechen soubal ech bessen Z?§it hun klemmen ech mech dohannert. Ech verroden der dann och d’L?©isung, bei dir am Blog geet et n?§mlech och net. ;)

    @ Serge
    Du aale Mann. :P

  3. :P
    brauch mein scheinheetsschlof sin lo ab :D
    thx for the compliment i return the condolences :P

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