Insiderinformation about the iPhone

– Two batteries, one for the mp3 player, one for the phone. So even if you drain your batterie from listening to too much music, you’ll still be able to make a call.
– Really really thin.
– A 4GB and an 8GB model.
– Flash memory.
– Slide-out keyboard.
– External screen will probably be a touch screen.
– Out on the market in January!

Link (starting at minute 39 – that’s for the video version, but the mp3 version should be the same)

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  1. Klengt interessant! Gudd dass ech mer an der Läscht keen neien kaaf hun …

  2. Naja, do hate mer eis wuel deelweis bësse giert. Ech mengen, ech ginn en Donneschdeg an den Apples Store drop remspillen.

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