November 2006

(Radio) Luxembourg

Wee schon emmer eemol wollt wessen, wéi wallisesche Pop vun enger Band kléngt déi sech Radio Luxembourg nennt, dierf hei lauschteren. Déi Band ass iwwregens net mat der bekannter (zumindest a Groussbritannien) Alternativ Band vu London ze verwiesslen, déi heescht nämlech nemmen Luxembourg – a mécht wäitaus besser Musék wann der mech frot.


Dat nennen ech ee propperen Desktop. Och wann ech relativ vill Programmer a menger Menübar, respektiv vill Features vum OS X fräigeschalt, hun. :D


There are unreasonably many movies about kidnappers and hostages out there, but this movie seems to give the whole idea an interesting twist: five man wake up in a warehouse of which they cannot get out. One of these five is called by the rest of the kidnappers, who tells him they’ll soon be there and the hostages shan’t be hurt before they get there. Sounds unoriginal, but here comes a twist: none of these five man has any memory, so they don’t have any clue of who’s a kidnapper and who’s a hostage. With the rest of the kidnappers coming closer with every tick of the clock, they have to find out what side they’re on in order to stay alive.

The movie stars James Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ), Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), Barry Pepper (25th Hour), Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos) and Greg Kinnear (Godsend) in the roles of the kidnappers / hostages.

The trailer can be found here.

Unknown Trailer Screenshot
Unknown Trailer Screenshot
Unknown Trailer Screenshot

WTF is going on?

You wake up. You go to class. You’re still very sleepy and don’t say a word the whole morning. You come back to your flat, go to the kitchen to cook some food. One of your flatmates enters. You greet him. And then… Shit… You notice you’re hoarse. Only after having already been awake for over two hours.