Are you fed up with boring star interviews?


You know all those faked “interviews” where stars tell their apparently new anecdotes – which they already told on three different interviews before – only because they reckon it would be good publicity for their upcoming movie? Personally, I hate those. It may be fun to hear them for the first time, but as soon as you switch to the next channel, they’re on another show, telling the very same story. I’m not interested in that. I love behind the scenes featurettes, but I don’t like just being told the same joke over and over again. It just gets completely boring.

But luckily…

There is a show that airs every day and interviews some of the coolest stars around. Not those pushed up stars like Britney Spears (do I have to comment on her?) or overrated Bruce Willis (come on, his intonation is as varied as the colour of clay), but the people who have some real talent: Kevin Rose for example, the founder of the social news networking site, Val Kilmer, the underestimated actor who received great criticial acclaim for his role in the widely overlooked masterpiece Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and, who you can see in the video below, Thora Birch, mainly known for her critically acclaimed role in American Beauty, but perhaps even more beloved for her role in the cult film Ghost World, which, sadly, like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, never got a great attention from the mainstream audience.

If you are looking for a great insight into these people’s minds, go somewhere else. If you’re up for a whole lot of fun, namely an interviewer who doesn’t take anything seriously (apart from avoiding politics and swear words), this show is for you. Or do you wanna see Jackass’ Steve-O get drunk and do crazy stuff for over three hours? Do you wanna see Thora Birch throwing a Martini glass against the wall? This show doesn’t break any rules, because it has none. At the beginning, you might find yourself wondering if you should love or loathe the interviewer’s style to do all this crazy stuff, but during the second show you watch at the latest, you’ll probably love him for not conforming to the strict rules a classic tv interviewer might have.

It airs live, meaning people can call in and ask the stars questions. This means, there is no censorship, the questions aren’t controlled before the star hears them – resulting in some weird phone calls sometimes – and this means you get the real stuff.

You can watch the show live or on demand at the official site, or at ManiaTV!.

You just gotta love the revolution that’s taking place on the internet right now. Revision3 has been around for some time with a couple of shows, but this one is the first (and as far as I know still the only) internet tv station that airs live and four days a week (Monday to Thursday).


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