The end of The O.C.

Sadly it is official now: Marissa Cooper is dead. And Ryan did not even go to her funeral.

Her death at the end of season three was no stupid publicity stunt to save a show that had lost a lot of its fans during the last season, by creating a heart-rending cliffhanger only to let her miraculously live again at the beginning of season four, as they did with Ryan’s brother and Kirsten last season (whose car accident was far worse than Marissa’s!!).

With Marissa being officially dead, the show has not only jumped the shark, but it’s also died itself: the season four premiere of a once extremely beloved series has lost over 50% of its audience! Who would have guessed after they killed the show’s most complex and most beloved character in a scene that couldn’t have been more unrealistic? The season premiere could onld only pull a desastrous 3.4 million viewers to The O.C. after Marissa’s death. FOX is airing two episodes this week, but with 97% off the people who watched tv last week NOT having watched The O.C. but any other show, why would they turn in this week to an episode of which they probably wouldn’t understand much after having missed the season premiere?

Did you look forward to a new great season of The O.C. perhaps even returning to the glories of its first season? Look no more, the show’s unstoppably on the way to be canceled.

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