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The Ambassador of Luxembourg

Alt nees eng Referenz op Lëtzebuerg an enger amerikanescher Serie. Des Kéier an der 16. Folg vun der 6. Staffel Gilmore Girls mam Titel Bridesmaids Revisited.

Extrait 1:

Honor: Make sure it’s secure, because I plan on dancing tonight!
Gwen: Speaking of dancing, has anyone warned Rory about the quote-unquote dignitaries coming to this shindig? It’s always the same culprits.
Rory: I need warning?
Alexandra: The Ambassador from Luxemburg is very hands-y.
Megan: No, the one you have to watch out for is that poet, what’s his name?
Walker: The dude with the red face?
Megan: He just did a translation of the Bhagavad-Gita. Anyway, he acts like he’s gay, but it’s such a ruse. Total perv.
Rory: Poet, red face, not gay, Bhagavad-Gita, perv. Got it.

Extrait 2:

Alexandra: Just remember that pinning guys in the corner and shoving your tongue down their throats can sometimes come off as desperate.
Walker: But I am desperate! I swear, I might go home with the Ambassador from Luxembourg!
Gwen: Come on, there’ll be plenty of eligible bachelors there tonight.
Walker: Like who?

2 thoughts on “The Ambassador of Luxembourg”

  1. D’war jo gottseidank nemmen eisen Ambassadeur… Deen liewt bestemmt schon ze laang an Amerika dofir ass sou wéineg mat deem unzefänken. ;)

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