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Everybody knows

I am Swedish. Obviously. And as startling as it is, everybody I met so far here at university intuitively smelled my Swedish blood the same ingenious way as only a Philo Vance or a Miss Marple could trace the smallest evidence and resolve a mysterious case. I beg your forgiveness however for still being a bit skeptical towards their genius, for I would not dare comparing their ability to detect my nationality to the greatest of all private investigators, Sherlock Holmes.

Unfortunately, I am not at all familiar with the British school system, but if there is any subject which is in some way similar to a subject in my country called European history – as everybody knows, the father of the EU, Robert Schuman, grew up in this beautiful Scandinavian kingdom, and we are very proud to have, among others, so important European institutions such as the European Court of Justice, the European Investment Bank and the Secretariat of the European Parliament in our capital – I would indeed really enjoy talking to such teachers and find out a bit more about their educated view on my beloved home country, as I, naturally, in my patriotic blindness elevate everything of Sweden into a perfect ideal.

Again let me ask for your forgiveness, for getting back to this matter, but I am bursting with curiosity to know where this incredible ability to tell my nationality comes from. I am proud of my home country and, still every time, am extremely impressed when fellow students detect what my home country is, so much that I am already starting to wonder if they have been born with a world map and the ability to identify every nationality already imprinted into their minds, if it is, so to say, a kind of genetic knowledge. Or is Sweden by any chance a particularly beloved country in the UK? If that is the case and people look up to me for the sole fact of coming from this beautiful Nordic country, I’ll surely answer a bit more proudly when somebody asks me again:

“Luxembourg. That’s in Sweden, right?”

2 thoughts on “Everybody knows”

  1. i am feeling patriotic today lets all sing togehter :

    Du gamla, Du fria, Du fjällhöga nord
    Du tysta, Du glädjerika sköna!
    Jag hälsar Dig, vänaste land uppå jord,
    Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna.
    Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna.

    Du tronar på minnen från fornstora dar,
    då ärat Ditt namn flög över jorden.
    Jag vet att Du är och Du bliver vad du var.
    Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.
    Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.

    :D that said i really love that little text of yours it is so … serious and yet a lovely read ;)

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