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Just seen it on the AtomFilms podcast. Ingenious short film! And no, it’s not an erotic movie.

5 thoughts on “Stripped”

  1. i would even say no it is not an erotic movie AT ALL

    so hmm who stole the idea from whom ? i guess renault or was it citroen from atomfilms ?

  2. The first half was rather sexy.

    But I seriously thought at first (after seeing the old guy) that it would be an ad to warn people that not every hot_female19 on the chat has to necessarily be a hot, 19yo female …

  3. The movie is not from AtomFilms. is just a website where you can watch short movies of any kind. The film is actually by Jackson Film, a British prodution firm based in London and owned by Mark Jackson.
    I don’t know which advert you’re talking about, all I can tell you is that Stripped won the 1st prize at this year’s Sefton Short Film Festival, a renown festival in Liverpool (which actually took place only a week ago, on October 11th and 12th), so if the advert’s from before 2006, I guess that would answer your question.

    It could be the idea behind the movie. But I reckon it’s the more general idea of how you should never judge people by how they look.

  4. @Thierry
    Oh wéi ellen. Fir t’eischt geet der d’Messer an der Täsch op an dann… :-)

    Du mengs d’Reklamm vun Toyota? “Ein Corolla hat keine Panne”?

    Gudd Iddi wier et awer. D’Ofschreckung wier wuel garantéiert :-)

  5. ah merci genee dei mengen ech ! fannen sin awer relatif fill paralellen oder ? an geing souguer soen toyota wa eischter

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