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And so they go…

  • 13.10.200621.12.2008

It is so common that often enough we barely notice it at all, but never is it trivial. Some lucky times we succeed in becoming very aware of it, are able to savour, or suffer through, it. Sometimes it is a look, a passer-by, a friend, a love and sometimes a bar man, a child or a teacher. There is no possibility to answer the question of who, where or when; it might be happenstance or fortuity, destiny or a god and the only certainty is the uncertainty if the person will become one of those special people that will stick in your mind or even around.

Over the last weeks and months, which have really been a swaying to and fro between great times and worse news following bad news, I have begun realising that the people who most influenced my life are, at least for a great part, not at all the ones I thought. It’s not the girl with the pink hair slide, who might at best have served as some kind of a muse, but, inter alia, the girl who bought Alete.

About a year ago many people left my life, most surely for good, and somehow I didn’t care that much, because I thought of them only as buddies who of course I was going to miss, but would be able to leave in the past. Now, yet again, many people are leaving my life and I’m leaving theirs and again I probably will never see most of them again. The scary thing however is that in the mean time, I have understood that those who left my life last year were much more important to me than I realised back then. Let’s take xy for example whom I had known some five years and who, from one second to the next, just disappeared; although I never saw it coming, this departure left behind a big void. Yes, I have got xy‘s number, but already I’m finding myself in this situation of deciding to call an old friend but never do it, for whatever reason.

I guess it would become a lengthy post to enumerate all the people that influenced me, so let me cut the story short: if there is anything I’ve learned in all this, it’s to enjoy every single minute with the people around me, they might be the greatest influence of my life – what greater shame not to savour that. And if they’re not a great influence, at least I had some fun time.

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