Lunch break

Gosh… I’m starving… Just came from a two hour seminar in “Reading Fiction: American Story” which went from noon till 2 pm, now I got almost a whole hour lunchbreak and then comes the “Texts and Contexts” seminar… At least they’re both with Dr Willis, who so far has been quite a cool teacher. “Aaaanywho” – to quote one of the coolest hosts in the vidcast scene -, if you’ll excuse me now, my noodles seem to be ready.

2 thoughts on “Lunch break”

  1. you are starving ? after all those sandwiches yesterday and today :P?and to think that i am eating for the first time this day right now :D you need a bit more exercise .. :P

  2. Well that was my first meal for today… You forget that I’m BST and the sandwiches I ate were yesterday. ;-) I’m still starving… Perhaps my brain claims back all the energy it lost to save all these informations it got during the last ten days…

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