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Waste of time

Getting up at 8 am, wandering around the campus trying to figure out where the classroom is, sitting in the classroom till half 10 (sounds Luxemburgish I know, but they say it that way here) for the prof to turn up, going home because he didn’t. Yes, we were told that not all seminars were taking place during the first week and that we would be told if this was the case in the first respective lecture. But how in the world do you want to do that if the lecture is actually two hours after the seminar?!
Nevermind, now I lost three hours of sleep and got no idea how to kill time… But at least I found out where that legendary coffee shop is everyone keeps talking about. Though I have to say I’m a bit disappointed, Jette still makes the better coffee. :-)

4 thoughts on “Waste of time”

  1. Well it isn’t Jette who makes the coffee, b ut the coffee machine ;) But I have to agree, it’s one of the best ;)

    There are Coffee Shops in the UK? :D

  2. “The coffee machine at the Art Sc?®ne makes the best coffee” wouldn’t have sounded that good and as it was Jette who always gave me my coffee when I was there on Thursdays last year… :)

    Coffee Shops like in COFFEE shop, yes. ;)

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