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Il tuo sorriso si è imprimato nei miei occhi
è la cosa di cui sogno
ogni notte quando la luna arriva, e si
spesso anche della tua voce un po’
He ngakau e hahaetia ana
E te whakaaro papa
Des mémoires perdues nageant à travers
Les invraisemblables reflets de toi dans la mer
Loving you in every language there is
There was, could ever be and I’ll miss
You forevermore with this last kiss
Heut’ Abend, wenn der Mond schreit,
Und meine Seele abermals weint

Tuus ad Kalendas Graecas

4 thoughts on “שָׂרָה”

  1. An gudden Stoff schengen se och nach an deem Coffeshop ze verkaafen, wann ech daat hei eosu liesen ;)

    cf Waste of time

  2. lol nee leider net, den Titel ass nemmen d?©i hebr?§esch Schreifweis fir “Sara” (Prinzessin) :) T’ass awer och keng Sprooch d?©i mech g?©ing reizen ze l?©iren…

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