Your dream friend’s girl

A pub somewhere in town. You’re going out with some friends of yours. Nothing special, just an enjoyable evening with good friends. You’re a bit late so they are already there when you arrive. One of them has brought his girlfriend. You already knew that he had one, but you’d never met her. You always thought you were an honorable guy who would never think about pinching somebody’s girlfriend and even less a friend’s girl. But when you see this girl, at least a 9.5 on the infamous scale, you’re close to forgetting your conscience. You desperately try to ignore that incredible beauty throughout the evening, though every single time she smiles or laughs your whole body aches because she’s unreachable. Your friend has her in his arms, they kiss every now and then during the whole evening. You’re not jealous at all, but her pulchritude is so teasing you have an enormously hard time not to start flirting with her. You keep telling yourself that she’s your friend’s girl. But you want that girl more than anything else. Every detail about her is absolutely perfect. You want to scream. That craving is beyond all endurance. Love at first sight? Definitely not. She rather is one of those extremely rare girls who take your breath away no matter how often you look at them. You start drinking. It’s probably no good idea, but at least you can hold your glass and drink every time she laughs so you don’t have to look at her but have something else to do. You become tipsy. You were right, alcohol and craving aren’t a good mix at all. She’s only getting hotter and she almost blew up the scale already before.

Finally you decide it is best to leave. It’s long past midnight and you have been sitting there for five hours so telling the others you’re tired doesn’t even look suspicious. When you’re about to leave the pub she stands in front of you. She scared you, you didn’t notice her. She’d gone to the toilet. She asks you if you’re leaving. You’re close to exploding. Damn, focus! She’s your friend’s girl! You’re close to cracking up. You have no idea how, but you find the concentration to tell her you’re tired. You say something like ‘have a nice rest of the evening’ and you leave the pub. Your body aches with searing pain. Your head is spinning with a speed light could only dream of. You take several deep breaths.

You have no memory of what happened then, but an hour later you’re sitting at home, staring at your computer screen. But it doesn’t matter, your thoughts are millions of worlds away. You’re not really the honorable guy you thought you were. You’re not sure you want to see your friend again if he brings his girlfriend. Because you might really crack up next time.

6 thoughts on “Your dream friend’s girl”

  1. well, I’ve had a similar experience once with my best friend’s boyfriend… After reading this it felt like yesterday, although it happened a long time ago… :)

  2. Hm… maybe it’s because we often are similar to our (best) friends, have the same taste etc. and therefore define beauty alike… Or it’s something completely different… Any psychologist around here? Would be interesting to know where that feeling comes from…

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