It’s not a love song


Honestly, I had never heard of Maria Taylor although her album 11:11 came out way over a year ago. Now that I heard her music – the video for her single Song beneath the song is available in HD and for free as in beer on Apple – I must admit I am deeply ashamed I had missed out so far on this great artist.

Here is an extract of the lyrics of Song beneath the song:

Cryptic words meander
Now there is a song beneath the song
One day you’ll learn
You’ll soon discern its true meaning
An interesting detachment
A listless poem of love sincere
Desire, despair
Overlapping melodies
And it’s not a love, it’s not a love
It’s not a love, it’s not a love song

And now, if you’ll excuse, I have to download her album on the iTS – let’s hope it’s available in the Luxemburgish store. :)

Edit: Yes, here it is. Hooray!


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