God is a fact!


Wednesday evening the Christian Union here at Glamorgan offered free biscuits and coffee / tea outside the SU. As we were just coming back from a pub down in Ponty and it was freezing, we decided getting a free hot drink would be worth talking a bit about Jesus. The girl who gave us the coffee was actually really nice and we just had a little chit-chat about what we’re studying. Then however came the “Scientology Man”. No, he wasn’t really from Scientology, but he acted like one. And he was just the kind of fanatic you would imagine starting a war in the name of god.

Some of his oh so wise quotes:
“God is a fact, aliens are not, though you can still believe that they exist. But you cannot deny god.”
“The fact that you’re standing here is a proof of god.”
“Even if you don’t believe in god, you’ll have to face him one day.”
“Jesus said he was god’s son, so god exists.”
“God breathed his words into the people who wrote the bible, so it are his own words.”

I really have no problem with people believing in god – I do, too – but that was the greatest bullshit I’ve ever heard in my entire life. He even tried to convince one of us that if he swears using the name of god – like in “oh holy fucking lord!” (ups now I did too) – he’s not gonna go to heaven. Okay, fair enough, if he believes that, I got no problem with that, but he shouldn’t walk around telling others they’ve sinned when he’s doing the exact same thing: every christian says that god gave us the free will, is it not a sin to take that right from somebody in order to force him into believing something he does not?

No, it was not just friendly talk. He was totally obsessed. I didn’t want to join the Christian Union before, but now I got a strong reason – apart from not conidering myself a Christian.


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  1. Serge


    that method seems to be getting popular…. i had a similar encounter too yesterday, a nice girl coming up to me asking (i was expecting she would want to know the time) if i wanted to learn more about the bible … well i was a bit taken aback but still thinking clear enough to say no.
    even if i hold no particular interest in the church i still respect them as an institution which holds to its beliefs even if in my point of view they are somewhat … well lets not get into that; but those groups on the margin trying to convince everyone they really should be banned as as you pointed out they are really not doing gods will by what they are doing.

  2. Christian missionaries are sooooooooooo boring. And, although sometimes nice, naive and well-meaning, they’re also very often utterly stupid.

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