A lovelorn’s tale

Parched bloodshot eyes are burning
Underneath the bass and saxophons
In front of students skanking
They don’t even know how nor to
Complete this yawning void
A whole world could fill it
Not even within several millenia
Sparkling eyes or charming smile

I dragonfly fly around you damselfly
It’s worse now that it is you
Although it’s always been you
But you’re gone and I flew off

He’s banjaxed and her black rings are gone
Philosophy’s no solution either
Nor is Elkanah’s childless wife
Or another pint of lager
Champagne’s running down in a supernova
And everything undergoes an unwanted change
Someday they’ll find me clinically dead in the valleys
Or maybe they won’t

I dragonfly in my thoughts still
Fly around you damselfly
It’s worse now that it is not us anymore
Because it will always have been exactly you

Deep love haunts unshod and
Another angel’s fall doesn’t matter
So hand me over some bread and peanut butter
Maybe a bottle of vodka or a scotch
To wash down the lump in my throat
Do it with a bit of ska or emocore
Because pens feel lonely lying on an empty sheet
And my phonebook empty without your number

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