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Simply come and easily go
Will never have been the case
With all this which I can’t erase

They say time heals everything, but where’s it been all this life?
Stagnancy is my progress made while living in seclusion,
Thinking of the unchaste girl who’s absconded from me to some art school;
Maybe she’s drinking vodka while capturing despair on a canvas –
In any case I wish I could invite her over for dinner sometime.

I still dream of falling past the room next to hers, waiting to finally thud, but
Listlessness is the only motion while frozen in the air abuzz over her unawareness;
I wish I wouldn’t die till I’m a brushtroke on a painting of hers.
Maybe she’s holding a boyfriend in her arms or simply radiating kindness –
At least she shouldn’t be the latest name on the list of someone’s birds.

The headlights of my car go round and round
Up and down and round

Aurora cracks the clouds open to let the last moonbeams bathe the earth in dimmed light
Oh no bring on a panic you listened but I have no idea who it is
Bah bah bah bah bah bah stupid song phantom classical music where’s rock
I was right yes I’m saddened you didn’t warn me at all you always did
Someday when all is said and done maybe earlier I will fly away alone

Often brown but occasionally green, it just depends on the angle of the sunbeam –
Do you feel the wings or is it just another sick game to hide them from you?
A damnburger and cold fries is all I take home with me, along with the memory of
The pub’s gelid world. There’s nothing left that could be said or done, no goodbye to
Dwindle away, but the echo of your voice asking the smoker for another slug of booze.

T’was the last time I do know
But I promise I’ll miss you forever,
Now that I’m gone for good.

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