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to the girl passing by

In these decent times when joy’s a nodding acquaintance,
moving over globes with my finger tips, my needs are few
in the passing fancy that life on the passing lane were only a passing whim.
I wander a whole mile shopping when in the twinkling of an eye

you, bewitching glance, with slowly streaming auburn hair and yellow skirt
smilingly plunge into my bleared sight, radiating a feeling of comfort
that there is consummate beauty even in the gloomiest world
and a possibility of affectionateness amidst the withdrawal of love.

I have nothing other to give up for you than dwelling on thoughts,
a lugubriousness touching sometimes lightly on my soul and
nothing better to give to you than love and the name Samantha
as a simple token of gratitude because god really has heard.

Setting the lonesome memory of your smile adrift so that tears wash it away
I swing around but the crush’s already immersed you, my momentary crush,
about whom I have the beautific sense that I have always known you;
a stuffy feeling that I have been searching exactly you all these years.

An acrimonious feeling that we met too late or too early is all I leave behind
in front of this newsagent’s where I enter to say hello to a friend while
a breathtaking aura vanishing tomorrow when sadness returns is all you leave behind
in the middle of the nowhere that was a somewhere for a lingering short moment.

2 thoughts on “Momentum”

  1. ey daat haat ech iergendwéi verpasst.. dee post :)
    as awer ganz schéin… wéinscht ech kéint su gutt schreiwen wéis du… I suck at writing -.-

  2. Dofir ass dee “Roots” jo an der Sidebar. :)

    Dat wat ech bis elo vun der gelies hunn war mäi Gedanken zwar net dass dat suckt. An et muss jo net alles gudd sinn wat ee schreiwt, ech hunn och Saachen wou ech mech froen wisou der Däiwel ech dofir Tënt oder Späicherplaz verschwend hunn. :)

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