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A smile breezing across the room:
An absurd moment, our first one shared alone
Amid the people who will, if at all, be slow at the up-take.

Still remembering the first thought about her,
He ātaahua te kōtiro rā,
I wish I had known her earlier…

A vanishing smile still hovering in the room:
An evanescent moment, sadly not the first one lost,
Amid the people who will grasp it eagerly when at last they understand.

Known you for so long now,
Kai hea koe, e taku ipo?
Had I only known you earlier…

An irrecoverable smile still pervading my heart:
A bygone moment, sadly not the last one lost,
Amid the world that will shake its head because it will never understand.

Translation of the sentences in Māori:
ātaahua = beautiful
He ātaahua te kōtiro rā. = That girl is attractive.
Kai hea koe, e taku ipo? = Where are you, my sweetheart?

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