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September 2006

God is a fact!

Wednesday evening the Christian Union here at Glamorgan offered free biscuits and coffee / tea outside the SU. As we were just coming back from a pub down in Ponty and it was freezing, we decided getting a free hot drink would be worth talking a bit about Jesus. The girl who gave us the coffee was actually really nice and we just had a little chit-chat about what we’re studying. Then however came the “Scientology Man”. No, he wasn’t really from Scientology, but he acted like one. And he was just the kind of fanatic you would imagine starting a war in the name of god.

Some of his oh so wise quotes:
“God is a fact, aliens are not, though you can still believe that they exist. But you cannot deny god.”
“The fact that you’re standing here is a proof of god.”
“Even if you don’t believe in god, you’ll have to face him one day.”
“Jesus said he was god’s son, so god exists.”
“God breathed his words into the people who wrote the bible, so it are his own words.”

I really have no problem with people believing in god – I do, too – but that was the greatest bullshit I’ve ever heard in my entire life. He even tried to convince one of us that if he swears using the name of god – like in “oh holy fucking lord!” (ups now I did too) – he’s not gonna go to heaven. Okay, fair enough, if he believes that, I got no problem with that, but he shouldn’t walk around telling others they’ve sinned when he’s doing the exact same thing: every christian says that god gave us the free will, is it not a sin to take that right from somebody in order to force him into believing something he does not?

No, it was not just friendly talk. He was totally obsessed. I didn’t want to join the Christian Union before, but now I got a strong reason – apart from not conidering myself a Christian.

Sono pazzi questi britannici! Ma c’è un’eccezione molto bella.

La sera ieri era, come dire, pieno di sorprese, soppratutto perch’è stata la prima sera nella quale uno dei miei coinquilini chiaveva una ragazza che (lui – perch’io gia la conosceva) aveva incontrato solo due ore prima. Si dice che solamente bisogna sorridere e una ragazza britannica fa ogni cosa che vuole, ed è, anche se forse non me lo credete, vero. La sola cosa che ha fatto era sorridere alla ragazza, e gia lei era eccitata. Se chiedete la mia opinione, non vorrei mai avere una tale ragazza. Ho gia detto che il suo ragazzo l’aveva lasciato solo due giorni prima, dopo che erano una coppia per quasi un mezz’anno? Dov’è il divertimento di trastullarsi se la ragazza salta sotto il primo ragazzo che sorride?

La cosa più disturbante ieri sera forse era la ragazza di cui vi ho gia parlato nel post precedente. E gia ci sono di nuovo. Si, mi piace molto, e fors’è per questo che ieri sera era depresso e felice al stesso momento: avevamo invitato lei e le sue coinquiline a venire bere qualcosa nel nostro apartamento, ma lei non è venuta. Si deve dire che “bere qualcosa” qui vuol dire ubriacarsi, ed alla fine, una di loro era veramente ubriaca fradicia. Sono stato triste tutta la serata perch’è non era venuta, ma allo stesso momento era pieno di gioia perché lei apparentemente non è una di quelle ragazze. Non l’amo – è troppo prematuro dire una tale cosa! – ma mi sembra essere una ragazza veramente straordinaria. E non piace ai miei coinquilini, forse questo è un argomento positivo – dopo tutto, a loro piaceva la ragazza suindicata.

Ma dannato! Non posso credere che perdo l’occasione di vederla in un abito lungo solamente perché ho lasciato il mio smoking al Lussemburgo! La vità davvero non è giusta.


Anyone who’s interested in getting a copy of the Independent Coffee Stop, or INCOSTO as it was commonly called, the university of Luxembourg’s last year EASC (English and American Studies) student magazine, can now head over to Gilles Glod’s website, where he’s posted all of the three issues as PDF files.

EDIT: Gilles apparently has taken them off again.

Dat gréisste Kompliment

… wat een hei op der Insel ka gemaach kréien ass wahrscheinlech, dass ee gesot kritt wéi gudd engem säin Accent ass. :D

Perbacco sono felicissimo!

Stasera ho visto la ragazza la più cantevole mai e sto esagerando per niente. Anche se già un’ amica me l’aveva giurata, non ho mai veramente creduto che una tale sensazione sia possibile, ma davvero mi sente aver conosciutola tutta la mia vita. Sensazione strana che fa anche un po’ paura per essere onesto. Ma soppratutto mi sembra essere una cosa nettamente meravigliosa.

Ho voglia di ballare… :-)


1. Däi Lieblingswuert?

2. Wéi ee Wuert hues de guer net gär?
Floccinaucinihilipilification. T’ass definitiv ze laang. :)

3. Wéi ee Wuert muss een onbedengt kennen?

4. Wou kucks de no, wanns de d’Bedeitung vun engem Wuert wells wessen?
Google Define, Wahrig, Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary… Hänkt vum Wuert of.

5. Wéi gees de mat Leit em, déi dech mat Fachausdréck bombardéiren?
Ech bombardéiren se zeréck. :P

A lovelorn’s tale

Parched bloodshot eyes are burning
Underneath the bass and saxophons
In front of students skanking
They don’t even know how nor to
Complete this yawning void
A whole world could fill it
Not even within several millenia
Sparkling eyes or charming smile

I dragonfly fly around you damselfly
It’s worse now that it is you
Although it’s always been you
But you’re gone and I flew off

He’s banjaxed and her black rings are gone
Philosophy’s no solution either
Nor is Elkanah’s childless wife
Or another pint of lager
Champagne’s running down in a supernova
And everything undergoes an unwanted change
Someday they’ll find me clinically dead in the valleys
Or maybe they won’t

I dragonfly in my thoughts still
Fly around you damselfly
It’s worse now that it is not us anymore
Because it will always have been exactly you

Deep love haunts unshod and
Another angel’s fall doesn’t matter
So hand me over some bread and peanut butter
Maybe a bottle of vodka or a scotch
To wash down the lump in my throat
Do it with a bit of ska or emocore
Because pens feel lonely lying on an empty sheet
And my phonebook empty without your number

Hey you’re the guy who speaks like seven languages?

Wow, lowdown’s spreading pretty fast at university. It’s the first thing I’m asked every single time when saying my name. And the second question’s always “Oh, like Thierry Henry?”. Hooray didn’t take very long to get a nickname. :)

So long!

When you’re reading this, I’ve already left the country and am on my way to Cardiff. It might be a bit quiet around here for a couple of days as there’s still a lot to do in the UK (settle in, enrol, working out a timetable, register at the NHS, socialising at Smiths etc), but stay tuned to Bouneschlupp, as I’m planning on telling you about my experiences on the island in that podcast sometime next week.