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A Last Red Rose Before You Go

to my late grandfather, John Winandy

As he approaches his last breath
With every preposterous wink of time
A rose petal is overblown
I boil over with rage
Bubble with wrath as if it were
Vaporising expectorated blood
Yell at the mistake of genesis
Want to annihilate all around me
Have the tree bleed dry
While cutting the name into the trunk
Slay everyone with insincere sorrow
Bawling at that somebody or other up there
In vain

The dreams burn you down
As the world curses around you
The river swallows the leaves
As the rainbow rots the treasure
Into the lonesomeness of every ending

As his last breath nears him
With every preposterous wink of time
A white orchid is decayed
The lack of a hand to hold
Makes my black despair even
As she doesn’t hold me in her arms
To let me cry a tear
That would run down her chest
Fall off to the ground
And raze out the pain and
Everything else
In vain

The universe decays all planets
As the stars fester with quintessence
The crows rot over parched fields
As vultures devour each other
Into the lonesomeness of every ending

As he coughs up blood
With every preposterous wink of time
An oxeye daisy crumbles to dust
The cancer devours his last cells
Like a tick sucking all life out
Atrophying his existence
Watching ours dwindle away
Into the futility of nothingness
A last attempt
To get Tyche sloshed
Move her to bestead him
A poor attempt
In vain

The oil drowns all cuties
As pus bleeds lads to death
Pale blue skies whelm the soils with lox
As the blood-drenched streets obliterate all
Into the lonesomeness of every ending

As a woman clad all in white lays two fingers on his carotid
This long bygone existence
Looks on us future dead not even with a rueful smile
But with opal eyes stares through onto what we can’t see
Her thumbs close his eyes
It’s all over
Thank you
Take your time
Anything human crumbles away into icecold rigor mortis
At once
The coulours of the skin shift to yellow
While the soul perchance evanesces into a kingdom-come
Weeping tears over his face
Stroking his head over the last white tuft of hair
I kiss his forehead
Goodbye granddad


2 thoughts on “A Last Red Rose Before You Go”

  1. you have a way like no other to nail a feeling
    really well done
    a worthy good bye

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