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put on some bearish mood alternative music

keane: is it any wonder
martha wainwright: bloody motherfucking asshole
the dresden dolls: truce
crash romeo: from the bottom of this bottle
kaiser chiefs: i predict a riot
alesana: the third temptation of paris
rocco deluca feat. the burden: colorful
mojave 3: bluebird of happiness
the futureheads: worry about it later
the kooks: she moves in her own way
the divine comedy: arthur c. clarke’s mysterious world
bowling for soup: girl all the bad guys want
silversun pickups: dream at tempo 119
landon pigg: sailed on
the long blondes: weekend without make-up
the red jumpsuit apparatus: damn regret
spoon: nefarious
guillemots: made-up lovesong #43
roses are red: remember me (it’s happening)
camera obscura: lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken
cute is what we aim for: the curse of curves
liars: the other side of mount heart attack
lost prophets: rooftops
the fratellis: henrietta
the beautiful mistake: december was a long year
mojave 3: running with your eyes closed
muse: city of delusion
… and you will know us by the trail of dead: how near, how far
mike doughty: looking at the world from the bottom of a well
snow patrol: black and blue
the weepies: forigven
holly brook: wanted
the red jumpsuit apparatus: your guardian angel
quietdrive: take a drink
fall out boy: a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me

3 thoughts on “put on some bearish mood alternative music”

  1. how about posting your music suggestions as itunes playlist mix thingy ? or are they too alternative for the music store ?

  2. would be a good idea, never thought about it. it doesn’t seem possible though, i looked up some of the bands before i lost courage (the luxemburgish itunes at least hasn’t got them, which is the one you’d buy them from i guess): crash romeo, holly brook, quietdrive, roses are red, the beautiful mistake, landon pigg…

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