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August 2006

A Last Red Rose Before You Go

to my late grandfather, John Winandy

As he approaches his last breath
With every preposterous wink of time
A rose petal is overblown
I boil over with rage
Bubble with wrath as if it were
Vaporising expectorated blood
Yell at the mistake of genesis
Want to annihilate all around me
Have the tree bleed dry
While cutting the name into the trunk
Slay everyone with insincere sorrow
Bawling at that somebody or other up there
In vain

The dreams burn you down
As the world curses around you
The river swallows the leaves
As the rainbow rots the treasure
Into the lonesomeness of every ending

As his last breath nears him
With every preposterous wink of time
A white orchid is decayed
The lack of a hand to hold
Makes my black despair even
As she doesn’t hold me in her arms
To let me cry a tear
That would run down her chest
Fall off to the ground
And raze out the pain and
Everything else
In vain

The universe decays all planets
As the stars fester with quintessence
The crows rot over parched fields
As vultures devour each other
Into the lonesomeness of every ending

As he coughs up blood
With every preposterous wink of time
An oxeye daisy crumbles to dust
The cancer devours his last cells
Like a tick sucking all life out
Atrophying his existence
Watching ours dwindle away
Into the futility of nothingness
A last attempt
To get Tyche sloshed
Move her to bestead him
A poor attempt
In vain

The oil drowns all cuties
As pus bleeds lads to death
Pale blue skies whelm the soils with lox
As the blood-drenched streets obliterate all
Into the lonesomeness of every ending

As a woman clad all in white lays two fingers on his carotid
This long bygone existence
Looks on us future dead not even with a rueful smile
But with opal eyes stares through onto what we can’t see
Her thumbs close his eyes
It’s all over
Thank you
Take your time
Anything human crumbles away into icecold rigor mortis
At once
The coulours of the skin shift to yellow
While the soul perchance evanesces into a kingdom-come
Weeping tears over his face
Stroking his head over the last white tuft of hair
I kiss his forehead
Goodbye granddad

The rest is silence.

The blog has been closed down sine die due to bereavement.

Gimme5 Songs

1. Welches Lied hast du zuletzt gehört?
Katatonia: For Funerals To Come

2. Wie fandest du das Lied?

3. Zu welcher Stimmung/Tätigkeit passt das Lied?
Ich hab’s bei der Arbeit gehört.

4. Wem würdest du das Lied weiterempfehlen?
Jedem dem Melodic Death Metal gefällt und inspirierte Lyrics mag.

5. Wer sollte das Lied auf keinen Fall hören?
Jeder dem Lyrics egal sind.


if you thereupon condone

your streaming hair by the stream
is all and nothing i can bethink
win the mare or lose the halter
you altered the course
mine yours whosoever’s
shifted your tears into
my bacchanalian song
an ever unbeknown reason
will lag behind the times

your blue hair under the sky-blue
is all and nothing i can bethink
get real and don’t follow shadows
you walked away tall
as if my pain had been fictitious
whencever you took fright
belike we never acted in concert
an ever unbeknown reason
will lag behind the times

your beady eyes beholding dawn’s bead
is all and nothing i can bethink
i’m clutching at straws
and would eat my words if i knew which
my love is going skies
while i’m going to pieces
let’s split the difference
an ever unbeknown reason
will lag behind the times

i plead guilty of any wrongdoing

Preis, déng Sprooch ass lëtzebuergesch!

Einfach nemmen krass, fir net ze soen politesch onkorrekt wéi komm-leck-mech-am-A, fannen ech wat déi däitsch Schauspilleragentur Kunath sech hei (ennert “besondere Fähigkeiten”) op der Infosäit fir de lëtzebuerger Schauspiller Jean-Paul Raths (“Der neunte Tag”) erlaabt.

Ech hat gemengt d’Zäiten vun Nazi-Däitschland an “dräi mol Lëtzebuerg!” wieren eriwwer…

Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” – Introducing Vista 2.0

The WWDC 06 keynote is online. Gotta love Jobs’ keynotes!

Did you see the new Mac Pro?! 2 x Dual Core 3GHz, 2 TB HDD, 16 GB RAM, 2 SuperDrives, NVidia Quadro FX4500, Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR, AirPort Extreme… Just figured I’d choose the max considering hardware to see the price: $14’227. Anyone wanna make a donation? :)

Oh, one more thing: hasta la vista, Vista. :)

Je prends une Schneck

Dee Satz ass scho praktesch Alldag bei hiesegen Bäckeren. Trotzdeem kucken se een nach emmer wéi verkueltent Brout wann een no engem escargot freet. Mee hey, net jiddereen kann no zwanzeg Joër schon een ganze Vokabel beherrschen, kleng Kanner brauchen emmerhin och e puer Joër ier se e komplette grammatesch korrekte Saatz an enger Sprooch ronn kréien.

Wat ech deser Deeg erliewt hun ass awer bis elo a mengen Aventuren beim Bäcker eenzegarteg: ech wollt ee Muffin bestellen – souwäit sou gudd. D’Verkeeferin war, wien wonnert et, franséisch, also hun ech firdéischt emol iwwerluecht wéi dann eventuell dat franséischt Wuert kéinnt dofir sin. Vu dass mäi franséisch awer relativ agerascht ass an ech dat franséischt Wuert fir Muffin aller Wahrscheinlechkeet no wuel souwisou ni wousst, hun ech, nodeems se mech ugekuckt huet wéi wann ech géing an eng Zwangsjacket gehéiren well ech “un muffin” wollt, décidéiert drop ze weisen an mat engem herrlech lëtzebuergeschen Accent “ça!” ze soen. Normalerweis betounen ech mäin Accent natirlech net esou, mee wann ech scho muss mäi Kaffiskichelchen op franséisch bestellen well d’Verkeeferin ze domm ass d’Sprooch vun deem Land ze léiren an deem se hier Suen verdéngt, muss dat einfach sin. En plus war ech gereizt.

Dat alles hätt ech awer wuel nach kennen ewechstiechen, mee dat stärkste Stéck war dunn, dass d’Verkeeferin an engem onbeschreiwlech bevirmondenden Toun (!) iwwert hier mat iwwerdriwwenem rouden Lëppesteft gefierwten Lëpsen folgend Wierder ausgestouss huet: “ah, un petit cake!”.

Dee Satz hei huet mer wierklech op der Zong gebrannt: “Yeah, and one brown loaf – wait, make it two – and three chocolate marshmallows. And I think I’ll take a Chelsea bun, too. Come on, a bit faster biatch! I ain’t got time to loiter!” Mee t’war kee Schwarzbrout méi do a wahrscheinlech hätt ech déi domm Schness déi se doropshin geschnidden hätt misste bluddeg schloen – ech maachen mer d’Hänn awer net knaschteg wéinst sou eppes.

Bis dass der Tod euch scheidet

Weißt Du Gretchen, am liebsten wäre es mir, wenn ich Dich hier wohnen wüsste. In der größten Einsamkeit könnte ich mit Dir das schönste Leben führen, wäre der glücklichste aller Glücklichen. Du sagtest einmal, ich solle Dir nichts schenken, ich solle Dir mein Herz ganz geben. Gretchen, Du hast mein Herz schon lange und noch viel mehr.



put on some bearish mood alternative music

keane: is it any wonder
martha wainwright: bloody motherfucking asshole
the dresden dolls: truce
crash romeo: from the bottom of this bottle
kaiser chiefs: i predict a riot
alesana: the third temptation of paris
rocco deluca feat. the burden: colorful
mojave 3: bluebird of happiness
the futureheads: worry about it later
the kooks: she moves in her own way
the divine comedy: arthur c. clarke’s mysterious world
bowling for soup: girl all the bad guys want
silversun pickups: dream at tempo 119
landon pigg: sailed on
the long blondes: weekend without make-up
the red jumpsuit apparatus: damn regret
spoon: nefarious
guillemots: made-up lovesong #43
roses are red: remember me (it’s happening)
camera obscura: lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken
cute is what we aim for: the curse of curves
liars: the other side of mount heart attack
lost prophets: rooftops
the fratellis: henrietta
the beautiful mistake: december was a long year
mojave 3: running with your eyes closed
muse: city of delusion
… and you will know us by the trail of dead: how near, how far
mike doughty: looking at the world from the bottom of a well
snow patrol: black and blue
the weepies: forigven
holly brook: wanted
the red jumpsuit apparatus: your guardian angel
quietdrive: take a drink
fall out boy: a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me


By the access point in my favourite pub
I’m squirreling my mail,
I’m waiting for the wireless network
To bring me the bits and bytes
At two point four with fifty-four,
Waiting for the image to progressively
Sharpen as more pixels appear,
Waiting for the IP to bring the packets
Controlled by my dear TCP,
And finally, thanking the
Joint photographic experts group,
I can slowly perceive
A picture of you in Spain
And feel the beauty of this world.