You know you need a vacation when…

… you feel like screaming because your earphones’ wires are fastened with knots
… the fact alone of being forced to wear earphones because others don’t want to listen to your music upsets you
… you search for good music online but everything sounds like crap, even the bands you usually listen to
… you’re angry that you flogged a dead horse loosening those knots
… the Salzburg Festival on tv drives you crazy
… you desperately want to write a short story or poem but are completely uninspired
… you can’t laugh at James Belushi
… you miss absent friends so much you look up when the next flight’s going
… the end of summer sounds great because at school at least you’ll have something to do
… staring at your computer screen is pretty nearly everything you do
… your temper changes faster than a thirteen year old’s
… you don’t feel like reading a Koontz
… relaxing by the Eiffel tower was pretty much the best time you had in weeks
… your eyes won’t stop hurting and your right shoulder begins aching, too
… everything is much of a muchness
… going out with friends is great but your yen to see other places is all-occupying
… you write a list such as this one

5 thoughts on “You know you need a vacation when…”

  1. Wee kennt dat dommt Gefill net ;) Gott sei dank ass et bei mir am moment net sou … Loos de Kapp net h?§nken, et kann dach nemmen besser gin ;)

  2. hmpf dier braucht mol eng zweet sess an ?§rer wakanz da wesst der wei gutt et ierch geet

  3. :P dofir hues de do hannen jo ee joer manner oder wei war dat :D an lo hues de frei ech gesin dat net sou op lang zeit

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