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I’m shocked. I’ve just read this post, over at Die Gefühlskonserve, which could make you think Nazi-Germany were still reality. If already children are confronted to xenophobia, sadly it’s no wonder those Alima pupils showed no respect while visiting the concentration camp…

11 thoughts on “Scandalous”

  1. Don’t forget, that Clever&Smart was done by a spanish author and it’s not only sold in Germany. This does not make anything better at all, but you see that Clever&Smart are not a special german phanomenon.

  2. I admit I didn’t know that. Makes the whole thing even scarier to know that this comic’s sold in many countries…

  3. we might disagree on this one…but where’s the prob? Clever and Smart is funny as hell :-)

    i think that the author of that article is overreacting…

    furthermore if you were strict with the author you could/would…no…you must tell him to stop being racist and say innuit instead of “Eskimos”…

    jojo ech wees, ech sin en Ierzenzieler….. ;-)

    take it easy…

  4. I do not live by msn encarta….

    to stay politically correct:

    -say innuit instead of eskimo
    -say afro-american people instead of black people

    basically there’s nothing wrong with “black people” either…but that depends on your political correctness….and that again is a relative.

    know what I mean? :-)


  5. Perhaps it’s meant to be funny, but still such “jokes” influence kids who read the comics and are not capable of understanding the underlying criticism – if there is any – which makes such comments dangerous.

    Actually, Inuit are only a part of the circumpolar population and using such a term would exclude the Yupik and the Inupiaq, while the term Eskimo is considered to be a hypernym. Inuit is of course politically correct, but only if you just refer to that specific population, namely the Eskimos living in East- and Central Alaska as well as Arctic Canada and Greenland – calling a Siberian Eskimo Inuit would at best be impolitic. :)

    If you don’t want to live by MSN Encarta – which I perfectly understand – maybe you’d better like to read the corresponding article in the online version of the quite esteemed AHD: :)

    For what considers the term “black people”, I try to avoid it, though I think there’s nothing wrong with the term, it’s rather social pressure. As long as nobody uses the term “nigger” – which of course means only black but has been used by slaveholders and thus has a strong negative connotation – I don’t see a problem. :)

  6. I said from the beginning we would disagree :-)

    I knew about the eskimo vs inuit debate but thank you for pointing it out for me.

  7. gonna stand with b on this one.
    racism and so on sure is a bad thing.. but we are oversensibilised i think.
    cannibalism for me represents more of a clichee than racist intentions .. as i dont mind that luxembourg is considered to be rich and spoiled and a heaven for tax evadors, i dont think this overused clichee image is meant to be harmfull and i dont think that it will influence children overly. because of the very “comicy” representations of the characters, there is no realism in it .. so why not have a little chuckle. we know that african peple are not like that. and those who dont, well they need no comic to express there racism which is linked with their education rather than a comic.

  8. “Filemon y Mortadillo” (as is the original spanish title of the comic) is an over the top gross and hysterical comic. Each page is full of sadistic violence, strange stories and human failure. there is not even ONE character in the comic that isn’t plain stupid, greedy, brutal and neurotic – really, no single person. NO character is, so to speak, “the sympathetic hero figure” you could easily identify with. no one is glorious or plain “good”. everyone in this comic – plain everyone! – is a caricature to the possible max! so, given that, why exactly should there be an exception for people with darker skin? as philosemitism is just some variety of antisemitism, so is philoracism to racism. in an over the top gross, satiric, brutal, hilarious comic where EVERYONE is a neurotic dumb-fuck loser, it would be in return racist if black people would be depicted outside of this logic just to give easyness to your average white male middle-class liberal – to claim such behavior is as absurd as calling Robert Crumb’s underground comics racist.

    and i think its kinda typical for this discourse, that there is your average “racist!” and “kids get used to racism when reading this” yelling while no one seems to care about the on going brutal violence in those f&m-comics. granted no page there without the most hilarious and strangest violence on Earth making look “tom & jerry”-cartoons like two sheep cuddling. no “kids get used to violence when exposed to this”-yelling anywhere.

    which leads kinda to my conclusion: filemon y mortadello simply isn’t a kids’ comic. it’s full of violence, neurotic sexual lust and full of people with some wrecked psychology going on, that kids firstly won’t like to read it and furthermore even shouldn’t read it. f & m is more for “kids” aged 16 or older who know how to handle this deeply black humoured stuff.

    i anyways loved to read f & m when i was that age and nevertheless i started to organize in anti-racist organisations and so on. so, just relax. ;-)

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