Apple is (not that) bad


I agree that we have to fight DRM, but what the heck is wrong these people? Indeed it’s not cool that you have to buy an iPod and not another other mp3 player to take the music you purchased with you, but then why don’t they give their action group another name, for example “Fight Apple” or something similar. It’s total bullshit to make Apple the scapegoat for digital rights management. They let the Apple politics on DRM appear as the worst case possible, but, honestly, is it so atrocious letting end-user burn the song to a cd only five times? How many copies do you need? And really, it seems to be no big deal to bypass Apple’s FairPlay technology with iTunes itself (apparently directions can even be found on wikipedia as I just noticed).

Alright, calm down and don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan at all of DRM, I’m just saying if you want to fight it, don’t concentrate on one “big enemy”, because that would only result in an irrational witch-hunt and not solve the problem – on the contrary it would leave enough time to the underestimated rest of the industry (for example Microsoft, who let DRM appear as the best invention ever made) to push the development of DRM further.


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  1. Serge

    in this case i think the discussion/fight about too much drm from apple is rather worthless, in my opinion they already try to make its application as lax as possible (you can burn one playlist only 5 times, so what the hell just create a new playlist if you have more than 5 cd players in 5 different countries)
    as it is apple has got to apply drm to be even able to offer us the music store.. just imagine the reaction of the music industry if the control over the downloaded music was to be reduced… they would stop selling their music to itunes….
    and honest.. you can burn the music to a music-cd which is easily “cracked”. (there are even digital solutions)
    so i think that an anti apple is called for …
    and i dont have to remind you that microsoft is never really fast with sharing its new media player codecs.
    all in all if you dont have an ipod either convert your music which is ok a bit tiring, or change stores .. there are other online stores out there :P
    oh and… go and buy an ipod .. the shuffle is not expensive

  2. Serge

    “so i think that an anti apple is called for ‚Ķ”

    is UNcalled for is what i wanted to say :P

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