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now that I wrote my essay (re)defining the self-concept in e. lovelace’s the dragon can’t dance and b. mukherjee’s jasmine, for the post-colonial literatures course, i thought why not try and define myself. :)


lazy; dreamer; geek; anarchist; poet; writer; open-minded; idealist; pessimist; tired; hungry; sad; zestful; self-ironic; sarcastic; loyal; podcaster; student; designer; photographer; film editor; weird at times; nonsmoker; fascinated by quantum mechanics and astrophysics; alumni of three different high schools; picky with certain things; bossy once in a blue moon; workaholic; nostalgic; often tight-lipped; occasionally nicknamed “the loopy”; devoted mac user; honoured you’re actually reading this

friends; silence; parties; pubs; aloneness; music; poetry; laptop; television; books; quiet talks; cheerful talks; barbecues; movies; lonely walks; enough space; to write; email and im; internet; to figure out his life; a vacation far away; things he’ll never get

a loft; to learn how to play the piano; michael bublé to give another concert in luxembourg; diggnation to come to the mainland; a better government in his country; the downfall of the church; to travel the world; to live in vancouver/canada; to spend a couple of days in paris again; to relive the past nine years; starbucks and burger king in luxembourg; to buy useless stuff in trier; to meet alex albrecht, kevin rose and dan huard; too much

going out; savouring a single chocolate for hours; daydreaming; sweets; chinese and mexican food; orange juice; milk; bunches of grapes; taking pictures; being deep in thought; pancakes; sushi; spaghetti ice cream; to taste new specialties; jamie oliver’s food; spicy food; good beer; rain falling on the roof at night; autumn; winter; strolling; nights; the scott mills show; batida de coco; writing emails; strawberries; hanging out at his favourite pub; busrides; listening; helping; long philosophical discussions; art galleries; midnight; being cryptic

intolerance; homophobes; hypocrisy; church; racism; pseudo-friends; capitalism; president bush; the government in his country; feeling desperate; ignorants unwilling to learn; spring; summer; scorching sun; pollen; getting up in the morning; hanging on the phone; violence; exams; disrespect; dubbing; discotheques; sundays; christmas; unpretentious pop music and pseudo-punk (e.g. avril lavigne)

listens to
rock; hard rock; progressive rock; metal rock; metal; orchestral metal; alternative; alternative rock; alternative pop; punk; punk rock; ska punk; crust punk; acid punk; emocore; new wave; synth rock; conceptual; slow rock; instrumental rock; gaelic rock; mbp; classical; classical pop; avant-garde; jazz; trash’n’roll; solo piano; indie rock; post-rock; minimalist; swing; art rock; accoustic; house; trance; dance; downtempo; industrial; ambient; country; easy listening; grunge; néoréalisme français; slash

there are things missing in this list that don’t want to come into his mind

2 thoughts on “me”

  1. Jo en Starbucks zu Letzebuerg !!!! Endlech een deen menger Meenung ass ! Ech hunn Starbucks schon puer mool mat Emailen harceleiert, mee et huet nie eppes gedingt. Seit 2000 nerven ech se se sollen een hei zu Letzebuerg opmaachen ;(

  2. Et k?©innt een jo mol sou eng Onlinepetitioun maachen, mat all den Dommheeten fir d?©i hautzedags sou eng Petitioun gemaach gett, wier dat hei schon baal eng vun den m?©i l??blechen Saachen. :)

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