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Ik ben Lucky Luke

A couple of months ago I wrote a post which basically was only a quote by Sir Peter Ustinov, saying that now are the good old times that we will wish back in ten years. I hadn’t realized the enormous truth of that statement at the time though. Since September my greatest wish has been that this schoolyear would finally come to an end and I could leave this fraking country.

It was probably before and during class yesterday afternoon that I realized I will miss what happened this year. Not the chaos, not the anger about the incompetence, but the people and the moments of fun. Perhaps it was one of my classmates taking pictures of everyone, or it were others who talked about exchanging email addresses, or yet others who talked about visiting each other next year. Perhaps it was the laughter during the class on Second language acquisition in theory and practice, where every student has to use an innovative method and teach six students a certain grammar point, without talking about grammar (e.g. get students to talk about what they are planning to do next year so they use the future tense, without explicitly telling them to). Two students yesterday chose to use acting as a teaching method, which provoked quite some laughing fits. (Oh, and for those of you wondering about the title, one student taught us a bit of the Dutch language).

Yes, this year certainly had its lows, but I regret I didn’t give the highs as much of an importance as I should have. Lesson learned, from now on I’ll do better. But I lost a year.

It is funny though, suddenly realising that I’m going to miss a lot of people next year – for some I expected it, for some I didn’t. Above all, I wanted to get out of here, and now that I’m so close to it, I realise it was good I stayed. I haven’t changed my mind, I still want to go badly, but there will be a couple of memories more to think back to.

Oh man, I already look forward to surfing in Aberystwyth, partying in Lancaster and drinking tea in London, though the latter one of course can still wait a bit longer. ;-) And of course there is still the great Grand Finale at Scott’s pub in a couple of weeks.

They say the time at university is unique and that the friends you make at university will stay important for a lifetime. Maybe it is a cliche, maybe I only wish for it to be true, but I guess there’s some truth to it, as for what considers my circle of friends this year definitely brought some major changes – for the better.

So, let me close with a few words of sapience by Barbara Kingsolver who, in her novel Animal Dreams, once wrote: “It’s surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.”

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