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Disconnected – A chronicle of June 7th

  • 07.06.200621.12.2008

to uncle Siggi, because Elias understood that “all the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams”

I was about to leave that shopping mile where I had already been so many times before and which always looked the same boring way. It seemed oddly different today, though I couldn’t tell what unavowedly gave the building an outlandish face. Suddenly spotting her then was some kind of an epiphany, but quite an unperfect one, for it didn’t really make me understand things better. After an uncareful consideration I decided to approach her, the girl which had been out of my reach, physically and mentally, ever since I first saw her. It was the utmost sign of normality that neither of us paid attention, surely she didn’t even see me, and that she fell over my right foot right towards some boy. Of course he caught her in his arms, they laughed and together with some girls they went straight towards a restaurant or pub apparently called Texana – I couldn’t tell anything more as the entrance was hidden behind a dark red curtain and there were no windows, at least not on the side I was standing. For some inexplicable reason I had never noticed that there was a restaurant or pub at all.

I left through the revolving door, smiling, though I had no clue why. Still in the door, I realised the boy had disappeared and only the girls were left. At first, they were laughing, but when I looked again, they were fighting and tearing her clothes to pieces. She was screaming and flailing, but it was in vain, the girls kept dragging her over the floor and tugging at her clothes. The door revolved in an unbearable slow-motion until, finally, I got back in. I didn’t fight. I didn’t have to. When I reached her, the other girls vanished. She was sniveling. I helped her get up, put my arm around her hip and led her outside, whispering: “I’m there for you.” She turned around, looked at me with her puffy eyes and pushed me on the floor. She screamed. “There?” I was perplexed, but somehow managed to get back on my feet again. She was still looking at me. It was only then that I noticed her lips were bleeding.

“And where were you all this time?”

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