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I don’t love you or so and then I do or whatever

Anyone ever wondered how different three poems with the same motif can be? Well, here are three poems, all talking about the same, yet on the surface about something completely different. :)


hand around your neck wreck
it all colour it black
lilac and then crack
up slash your skin here’s a tack
hang a cow bell round your neck
so you please your mack
don’t hide your breasts in that rag
you’re so well stacked
cut that neck open don’t neck
me don’t smile and brag
any feeling I had for you scallywag
I fear I couldn’t make it sag


they are brown in the dark,
they are green in the sun
anyway this red and I’m gone
it’s coal black at dawn
it’s reddish at sundown
anyway this red and I’ll bow
it is so full of life
it is without a scar
anyway your lips and I might mar


dimples radiating joy of life
rufescent runs of good luck
nether sparkling greenish auburn
some aureate and ivory jewellery
a disarming and beatific smile
but cushion anything sacred
he shouldn’t have seen
walk past the shore of dignity
prune me of consummation’s anguish
hold you hold me
are we longing to coalesce

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