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Friday Night’s Alright (For Flirting)

So yes, I followed Gilles’ advice and went out to town yesterday evening. First stop: Lester’s. Not really my usual pub, but as the friend with whom I went out absolutely wanted to go there, we made a stopover. There wasn’t anyone noticeable. So we just drank a beer and went on. Never mix alcohol and girls. Damn it. Okay, it was only one beer, not so bad. Then we headed straight for the kebab booth, greasy Turkish food’s always good for dinner. :)

Next bar: Interview. At least, that’s where we wanted to head towards. We walked a slight detour to have enough time to finish our kebab. Close to the Théatre des Capucins, we met a mutual friend of ours, which was quite surprising as she usually never goes out in the capital (she lives in Diekirch and is pretty stuck to that town). She was coming from the parking garage and was looking for the VIP Room. Answer she got? “I’m not sure whether they gonna let you in, dressed like that.” (She obviously was dressed quite smartly). I guess it’s needless to say that words failed her. “But if you absolutely want the humiliation of not being let in, I guess we can bring you there. But don’t blame us afterwards.” She still looked shocked, but she had found back her voice: “You don’t mean that?!”. “We’re gonna find out…”. So “like true gentlemen” we walked her to the VIP Room. Needless to say, she got in without any problem.

[Slight interjection here: She just came online. She apparently had a fun evening, though she told me I hadn’t been nice at all, she’s still confused about my remark on her dress. I’m so sorry I hurt her feelings. :)]

After that, Yves got a call from Gilles. Ah, which Gilles now you ask? Well I actually know seven Gilles if I’m not forgetting anybody… Here is one, here, here, and… (Which is quite funny, I know a Gilles Gloden and a Gilles Glod :)) Well, anyway, back to where I was: Gilles was at the Banana’s with a couple of friends. So we headed there instead of the Inter. We drank a couple of cokes (no mixing of alcohol and girls, remember? ;)) and then decided to go ahead and play some pool. It was quite empty as for what considered nice girls, but about half an hour after we had arrived, a friend of mine came in, Christian. He was accompanied by a friend of his and five girls. One was his friend’s girl, then her sister, Christian’s love interest, and two other friends of them. Yves started flirting with the two girls, I flirted with the sister of Jean’s girlfriend. Let me be a gentleman and call her A. instead of publishing her whole name here. It began to become a really fun evening. We played a round guys vs girls. We won, of course. ;)

I tried some stop & go on A: flirt with her, turn around, ignore her, talk only with the guys. After the second time, she tipped on my shoulder. “Hey, you didn’t hear me out!”. “Didn’t your parents teach you manners? When adults speak, little children have to be quiet”. (She’s three years younger than I). She’s actually quite cute when she pouts, but don’t tell her that. ;)

Fast forward, half an hour later. She’s playing with her hair. “Well that’s a bit sad.” – “What?” – “You combing your hair but having to use your fingers. You know, I’m a generous guy, I’ll give you two euros if you ask nicely so tomorrow you can go and buy a real comb.” Man, I love that “no, you just didn’t!” look. And I actually managed to get it from two different girls during the same evening. :)

Well, don’t wanna bore you people more with my stories. So let’s skip the next one and a half hour. Got her number in the end, but at the moment I’d rather repeat such an evening than start going out only with A. Became quite addicted to that feeling of success. :)

Thanks for the advice Gilles. That was fun. :D

1 thought on “Friday Night’s Alright (For Flirting)”

  1. mann du bass schnell, knapps doheem ukomm schon e bericht um web wat alles gelaf as.

    so, sou schlemm ass den lesters awer o net.

    du kriss dat mam kleed na sou lang fiergeworf f?§rten ech. an dob?§i hat et sech sou sch?©i gemat. :-)

    h?§ss net extra missen betounen datt ech direkt mat deenen zwee meedcher geflirt hun. :-P

    ech fannen mir mussen dat doten su s?©ier wi m?©iglech widderhuelen! wat mess de n?§chste weekend? :-)

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