Essay on “Sprache im 21. Jahrhundert”

Programming languages. English as a world language. Situation of Welsh, Maori and other small linguistic communities. Consequences for English native speakers.
Has to be finished by Monday. I’ve written nine pages so far, still four to go. But first, I need a coffee. Or two. Well, make it three. :) It’s an interesting subject though.

I apologize to all those of you who might be angry that, yet again, I’m not on some IM. “Fuck u…” ;)

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  1. Serge

    fuck you too :P
    good luck
    handwritten 4 pages or ms word pages :P ?
    and give us the pw to the post beneath or who is allowed to read that one ?

  2. Typed pages. I won’t post the password publicly, or else it would have made no sense at all to protect it. :P

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