There is no rain running down my window. It would have been such a great cliché to start my text with. There is no depressing music playing in the background. Yet another chance for a stereotypical beginning vanishes with that sentence. It’s been no long day, it has actually been quite short. The next days might be longer. If I finally get to that big workload that lies waiting on my desk. Right here, beside my computer. Well, no, actually it doesn’t. But such a statement always sounds great, doesn’t it? I’ve got a lot of essays to write, but I haven’t done any research yet, so there’s nothing lying on my desk. Except for the tons of books which I’ll probably never read.

I’m tired. Physically. Mentally. I’m tired of sitting in front of this screen every day, waiting for someone to come online and talk. It’s sad. There’s no life at university, no reason to stay there when the course is over. The cafeteria is miserable, as one of the teachers put it a couple of days ago. I’m tired of complaining about that institution. The building. I could enumerate some positive aspects. But it’s to hard thinking about it and I’ll probably be stuck with one or two things.

I’m uninspired. There still is no rain running down my window. There’s slower music playing in the background now. Jann Arden. Fits better than My Chemical Romance which just played. I think I’ll have to reorganise my late-night playlist.

I’ve been working on “The Regulars” short-story. I guess it will become a long short-story. I typed five pages up until now, and I’m by far not finished yet. “I’m by far not finished”… that sounds a bit weird. Please overlook it. It’s 4 o’clock in the morning.

Why am I still sitting here if I’m that tired? Good question! I guess my mental tiredness is greater than my physical one. At least it is aching a whole lot more. And preventing me from any sleep that either way would result in another nightmare. Then I would wake up and feel as tired as before. Can’t remember the last time I woke up and felt fit.

“Come feed the rain” – ah, at least for Poets of the Fall it’s raining now. I would be counting down the days to get out of this country, but I’m too lazy to calculate how many days are left. A whole week of partying. That’s the first thing I’ll do when at university. That’s what the guys in the UK apparently do to welcome the freshers. And a big foam party at the end of the week. Better than on the Luxemburgish university. Here I got a week of weird activities: I got shot in a modern version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, I had to host a fashion show and together with a friend wrote a presentation in ten minutes – which got chosen as the best one by the class. At least, I don’t feel nervous at all anymore when I stand in front of the class ever since. And most of it was fun.

Trespassers WIlliam. Thank God (if anything like that exists), my playlist isn’t as bad as I feared. But I guess even if (s)he existed, there’d be no need for thanks. (S)he’s not the one who chose the songs. Well done Thierry, you got a great taste in music.

I’m tired. My eyes keep closing themselves and I can’t do anything against it. My left hand hurts. I could scream. Yes, it really does hurt.

To who am I talking? The crazy guy who sat in the bus last Tuesday who kept talking to himself? Well, he didn’t talk, he mumbled. And he sang. Or at least he tried. He paused every time the bus stopped at a red light. Strange people are dwelling in this unholy place.

I got an e-mail from one of my professors. An analysis of a poem I had to write for his course Practical Approaches to Poetry. It’s comforting to know my writings aren’t that bad. I’m looking forward to that collection of poems which we’re going to write as a class. He said he’d willingly help us and even write the foreword. Which I find pretty cool. :)

I’m tired. I’m too lazy to make coffee. I guess I’ll just make some Earl Grey. Captain Picard’s favourite. If it wasn’t for watching ST: TNG and seeing him drink it, I probably would never have come across that tea. The tea’s in an old box I bought at the English Shop before it went bankrupt. Those were the days. Remember Irn Bru? It’s a Scottish drink so I hope they sell it in Wales…

This is a loopy geek, reporting live out of his bedroom. And now back to… whoever, wherever. Really, it doesn’t matter.


4 responses to “Late-night thoughts (without an Australian beer in my left hand)”

  1. gilles

    Thierry, waat leeft?!? Selbstmatleed helleft absolut naischt, loss der et soen vun engem deen genau esou weis du seng nuechten mat esouen Gedanken firum Computer verbrengt (Okay dei lescht Wochen net, mee daat huet jo och bekannterweis en Grond!)

    Amplaatz doheem ze hocken, gees du an d’ Stad, an den Inter, du warts do bis en leift Meedchen rankennt waat dir gef?§llt, an ffs schwetz et einfach un, vlait kriss du jo eng Nummer (du wees jo wei!)! Dann gees du an en aaneren Cafe, z.b Art-Scene schliesslech ass et besser do wou een sech wuelfillt, an Bekanntschaften mam Barkeeper sin emmer netzlech ;) An do widderhells du daat selwecht spill! Kanns du an esou villen Cafe’en weis du wells man! @the end of the night hues du mindestens eng nummer vun engem leiwen Meedchen, an den rescht, wees du jo och wats du muss man ;)

    Den Punkt deen ech hei well man ass eigentlech, am plaatz energie ob domheeten ze verschwenden, mach eppes Produktives…

    (wann et wirklech schlemm gett, ech hun nach eng Goldstrike heiheem stoen :D )

  2. Serge

    some fresh (wallish) air and some mindblowing holiday activities will do you good i think :), though some time you will have to sleep (a lot) to avoid becoming seriously ill dont you think ?

  3. Serge

    :P those damn britains, yes welsh i meant :D
    you need some mental relaxation :D … wish i could spare you some sleep, i am going through exactly the opposite these days.. today i tried to stand up at 10 am .. no luck i had to go back to bed and sleep till 12:30 .. :-/ its like a curse i go to bed early and i have to sleep over 12 hours ..
    ah yes right you will be working .. hm i guess i will be joining you by studying :P .. the world is a cruel place indeed

  4. @ Gilles
    Selbstmatleed kennt normalerweis emmer r?©ischt owes sp?©it an vu dass ech net ?©ischter schlofen goen kann well ech soss am Bett l?©ich an mer trotzdeem d?©i do Gedanken g?©ingen duerch de Kapp rennen amplaz dass ech pennen h?§nken ech dann alt frum Computer. :) Ech brauch eng Party! :)
    Ech mengen ech wees wat ech dese Weekend maachen… :D
    Dass do nach eng Goldstrike ass, ass awer och berouegend ze wessen. :)

    @ Serge
    What does “wallish” mean? Did you mean “Welsh”? There’ll be no holiday it seems. Exams till July 1st, work starts on July 3rd. But I’m looking forward to Nature One…
    I would like so much sleeping a lot, waking up and feeling fit. But I can’t.

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