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There are diseases I would never have imagined could exist…

Persistent sexual arousal syndrome results in a spontaneous and persistent genital arousal, with or without orgasm or genital engorgement, unrelated to any feelings of sexual desire. In particular, it is not related to hypersexuality, sometimes known as nymphomania or satyriasis. In addition to being very rare the condition is also frequently unreported by sufferers who may consider it shameful or embarrassing. It has only recently been reported and characterized as a distinct syndrome in medical literature.

10 thoughts on “PSAS”

  1. you would be astonished .. btw never seen dreamcatcher ? i think they have a less then serious conversation at the beginning where psas comes into focus ?

  2. I guess I don’t wanna know. :)

    Never saw that movie, but doesn’t sound like one of the great classics I’d have to watch. :)

  3. as long as you dont tell me that you have not seen the shining thats alright :P

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