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It’s time for Michael Bublé

So this was it. Together with my brother, I went to see the Michael Bublé concert at the Rockhal yesterday evening, which was at the same time the European tour kick-off.

The opening act was the ingenious and very funny Canadian singer Jann Arden, whom I had never heard of before, but of whom I might become a fan after that great unplugged session.

I’m not a professional, expect the least.

Then came Michael Bublé. In a nutshell: he was fantastic! I would never have guessed I would be going to laugh so much during a concert, but Bublé’s an ingenious entertainer for whom, above all, no rules exist. After the first two songs, he suddenly asked his light technician to turn on the lights in the hall and then pointed towards a sign on the wall next to the stage: “No stage diving!”. Guess what he did then? He put down the microphone and jumped off stage! Then he ran across the entire hall, letting everyone take pictures together with him (did I point out that it was strictly prohibited to take pictures?).

He made fun of so many other musicians it was hard keeping track, he put in James Blunt’s “Beautiful” into one of his songs, changed the beginning of his song “Fever” into the Black Eyed Pea’s “my hump, my hump, my hump,” imitated Johnny Cash, and did a hilarious imitation of Michael Jackson. He called the audience “bastards, Jamie Foxx lovers” when nobody clapped when he talked of Ray Charles (whom he imitated too of course) and acted like depressed singer who told the audience that they can boo him, he wouldn’t give a crap about all of this. In a great deadpan humour answered “No, you don’t,” when a girl shouted “Michael I love you!” and apologized to a ten year old boy in the front row after his Michael Jackson imitation in which he “touched” himself.

Somewhat in the middle of the ninety minutes concert, he sat on the stairs that lead backstage, drinking some water and telling his band to show their talent, resulting in a grandiose jazz session.

Towards the end of the show, he asked the people to come to the stage and start dancing, adding “they can’t fire me anymore, I’m almost done here and gone” (needless to say that it wasn’t planned on letting the thousands of people gather in front of the stage as there were chairs everywhere).

Oh, and at some point he just started rapping!

When a girl asked him to sing “Tell me quando” as an encore, he told her she would have to sing with him, resulting in the girl grabbing the microphone and singing “Michael when will you be mine / tell me quando quando quando”, which even amazed Bublé a bit.

To conclude, I can only say it was one of those very rare occasions where you’re already somewhat sad during the event because you know it won’t last forever, something which I hadn’t felt in a long time. It’s comforting though that he promised to come back as soon as possible, right before he put down the microphone again and sang without it – man what an outstanding voice!

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