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Logging off

Just a short note to let you know that it might be a bit quiet around here for the next couple of days – unless Serge decides to post. I’ll be flying to Cardiff (capital of Wales – no, that’s NOT England ;)) tomorrow morning for a prolonged weekend.
Wish you all a nice end of the week and an enjoyable weekend.

2 thoughts on “Logging off”

  1. i dont think i am ready for yet another post ;).
    wish you some fun and hope you will like cardiff .. seen from far away it does look great though, so i am hopeful ;)
    well it may not be england but at least it is great britain :P aint it right ?

  2. Yep. it’s Great Britain. But unfortunately nobody seems to get the difference and I was asked all the time if I was looking forward to going to England…

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