Who could this be?


He doesn’t look anything like you would imagine the character he’s playing, he doesn’t like guns, he can’t handle the gear shift in sports cars, wears a lifejacket on a boat and doesn’t know how to play poker (though that’s a crucial aspect of the movie)? And anyhow, I just can’t imagine this woman as his girl.

Oh, and yes, you’re correct, the answer is Daniel Craig, the most controversial Bond ever. He’s not a bad actor, but why the heck did they choose him as Bond? He’d have been perfect as the villain! Who plays that one anyway?


3 responses to “Who could this be?”

  1. The villain looks like Macauly Culkin (sp?) …

    That Bond movie will so suck.

  2. gilles

    I so want Julian McMahon as Bond! Would be sooooo perfect… argh…

  3. Yeah! But unfortunately fans haven’t had a say in this mess…

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