June 5th, 2009


I’m not really someone who likes to plan ahead, most of the time I’ve long lost interest in those things when the date finally gets closer. And now I’m looking at the dates for the next three years of my life, which have already been fixed. I can see when I’m going to be back home, how long my holidays will be, when I’ll have exams.
Honestly, it scares me. I don’t want to get into a rut in which I can exactly see where I’m heading towards.
At least, there’s a teensy-weensy chance of winning a 30 GB iPod Video – just because I logged on to the Applicant Portal of the University of Aberdeen. I don’t really plan on going there, but if they should decide to send me an iPod, I’m certainly not going to send it back. Are they being sponsored by Apple? That would be kind of cool actually. :)
Future, I’m coming – maybe while watching a vidcast. :)


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