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Stumble – A Reprise

You sit in front of the screen and stare at this virtually blank page. Your life is absent without leave, your thoughts scurried off to another world. You’re too tired to have the illusion of the letters on your keyboard dancing. Everything around you sounds louder and moves slower.
It’s perhaps that girl you saw this afternoon. Yes, yet another girl. Or not. You didn’t recognize her when she stepped out of the bus. She smiled at you, but you didn’t realise it till you sat in the bus. You sat in the very last row and looked out of the back window. Do you know her? You have no idea, but the more time separates you from that moment, the more convinced you become that you know her. Or knew her. In another life, years ago when the world was different, when you were different. You’re way too knackered to drown yourself into the fathomless creek of self-pity. There is no sense in that anyway. There probably never was. Nevertheless it bugs you. Even more does the fact that you still haven’t forgotten the gorgeous girl with the pink hair slide. Is it just because you wrote about her that she stuck to your mind? Do you give her more importance than she deserves? You’ve been trying to stop believing in destiny, yet you cannot suppress the question if there’s more to it.
This strange feeling of nothingness is beautific.

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