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Now it’s up to you :)

I feel like trying something different and here’s what I’ve on my mind: I propose three short paragraphs to you and you can tell me which one should be the beginning of a short-story. If you don’t like any of the three, feel free to suggest another one. :)

1. He was standing in front of this derelict wall, gazing at the torn poster announcing an event gone so long. It almost felt like a memento to him. A memento of what? He had blotted that memory out many years ago and was unsure if he wanted to recall it. But he couldn’t help it, his subconsciousness was already pushing him into the past.

2. Jason could of course have ordered a pizza or a panino, but he chose bow-tie pasta – as always. He wore his poser shades and didn’t take the earphones off when he spoke to the waiter – as always. Anyhow it was a totally ordinary day and that was the most usual thing in the world. Jason led an unvaried life and he would never have expected it to change.

3. So what do you think about it?’, she asked him. He had no idea. ‘It’s an abstract painting, I guess’, he replied. What else could he have said? There was nothing more than a strange chaos of dashes and distorted circles, and she had only used dark purple and green. With different saturations, yes, but still it looked monotonous. ‘Think of last year’, she finally hinted.

2 thoughts on “Now it’s up to you :)”

  1. The wall was not there. But it should have been, right here under the pourring rain, under the wet foggy cloak, that the downfall was provoking. Instead there was nothing, only suspended waterdrops in a void.
    Was he losing his mind, here in the typically bad english weather ? Surely some missing bricks (and in a bad condition as is) would not endanger his mental balance, not after what he had been through before.

    :P if you dont like this suggestion i would say go for number 3 :)

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