24 sucks.

Please, anyone give me a reason why I should watch the second half of 24’s season 5…

Here’s my top 10 list why season five sucks.

Warning: major spoilers ahead! Do not read on if you haven’t seen season 5 yet and plan on doing so! Don’t say I didn’t warn you afterwards!

1. The story is really far-fetched. Even for 24 it’s exagerrated. I mean, Cunnings was a terrorist, but at least he had some perverted patriotic reasons. But Audrey?! Come on… I haven’t watched further then 9 p.m. yet, but if it should prove true that she is, I’ll never watch 24 again for sure. (Well I’m not sure if I will already now anyway…)

2. Palmer was shot. Michelle got killed in an explosion. Edgar suffocated due to the Syntox when CTU got compromised. Palmer’s death was totally senseless. It didn’t bring the story any further. Michelle’s death was to write her out of the series, so I could live with that. Edgar’s death was very well done. So at the very limit, I could have accepted it, though I still miss all of them sorely.

3. Tony was murdered. (Yes, Tony gets an extra point on my list.) Ok, his death was so Almeidaist. It was heart rending when he decided not to fight and give up his life. “She’s gone Jack”. I almost cried. But all that doesn’t console for his totally senseless and needless death. He was the only reason I still watched the show.

4. Kim is back. Kim is a bitch. Ok, Jack left after his faked death without telling her that he was still alive. I could understand her anger. And I could even live with her stupid shrink. (I actually liked the fact that she had depressions after her father’s presumed death). But I won’t accept the fact that she still decides to quit with her dad once and for all even after she was told that everyone who knew Jack was alive got killed. Well, all except Chloe. For now…

5. Lynn is dead. Yes, he was responsible for the compromising of CTU, but still they could have left him alive. Sean Astin did so fantastic on the show! You may say he was a jackass who did nothing but stand in Bill’s way, but he had his motives, which, after all, were very human. Having another character die at the same time who first calls his little daughter, was hitting I have to admit though. That character got more depth in 2 minutes than most characters over a whole season in other series. At least, Lynn’s death was heroic. Why didn’t Tony get such a death if those dorks thought he really for sooth absolutely for real truly had to die?!

6. Tony got killed. Nobody cared. Not his best friend Jack. Not Chloe. Not Bill. (Ok, they never were best friends). Not Audrey. Hey, he fucking saved her life! And she doesn’t shed a single tear!

7. When will Curtis get more screentime? He was a lot on the first couple of episodes and then he somehow vanished only to appear a few seconds if at all in the last episodes.

8. Where the hell did Henderson go? He kills Tony and then disappears without anyone noticing or worrying about it?!

9. The president is a f*cker. He hasn’t done anything right yet. He helps the terrorists plan an assassination on the Russian president and even holds on to that after he’s been informed that his own wife will be with the president when he will be murdered! He didn’t trust his wife at all but swore on every stupidity Cunnings said. He proclaimed Martial Law. He wants Mike to do everything, but nothing he does is good enough. Did I say he wanted to kill the Russian president after having signed a treaty with that guy that they will work together against terrorism?

10. Some stupid guys (probably under order of the damn Vice-President) (tried to?) kill Wayne. Kill him, and I’ll shoot the one who wrote that episode. (Count that guy who decided on Tony’s death in, and I’ll gladly jump onto the death-chair. No, seriously. Dork.).

By the way, here‘s a list of who might die next. Doesn’t matter anymore now anyway.

Brian Tarricone over at Spurious Interrupt put it all so to the point:

Tony, arguably the most kickass of them all, who has gone through a ridiculous amount of shit, got a 2.5-minute hollow-hitting death treatment. What the fuck is wrong with 24’s writers? Could they at least give him a good, noble reason to die? Edgar’s death was just sad. Lynn’s death was of the heroic, giving-one’s-life-for-redemption kind. Tony’s death was brought on by poor reaction time, a grief-induced stupid plan of selfish revenge, and falling for the oldest trick in the book. Seriously, if you’re getting tortured, and you have governent agent training, wouldn’t you fake a coma? I was actually hoping that they’d pull a cheap shot at the beginning of this week’s episode and resusitate him, if only so they could do a proper job of killing him off later in the season.
God dammit, show. I’m willing to overlook your blatant misuse and total misunderstanding of computer technology because you otherwise rock. But you just don’t kill off my favorite character in such a meaningless way, and then toss it aside like it doesn’t matter. You just don’t.

(read his full post, it’s worth it!)

Now, if anyone have read this far: please, would you give me a damn good reason why the hell I should still watch this load of crap?! I mean, I loved that show. But there is just no reason at all anymore to tune in. Saying that I was so happy that Manny Coto joined the executive producers’ team and now I’m hating that show… What a letdown!

These damn idiots killed Tony Almeida! F*cking hell!

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