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Virgin Punk

If you master the Italian language, these stories are absolutely worth reading! And do check out the about page, I’ve rarely read such an original self-description.

I’d never have thought that I might say this, but I’m lucky that I studied Italian for 4 years. :)

By the way, the name of the website, Virgin Punk, is at the same time the title of her unfinished novel. I’m really looking forward to reading that, the synopsis at least sounds quite interesting:

(…) Quello che è iniziato come un racconto disordinato di se stessa e delle persone che la circondavano, diventa alla fine una confessione di feroce assenza di sanità mentale. (…)

(…) What begins as a shattered story about herself and the people who surround her, ultimately becomes a confession about ferocious absence of sanity. (…)


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