Just read this post on the It gives me me the creeps…


3 responses to “Ineffable”

  1. Serge

    started my comment twice now.
    cant understand why you got the creeps care to explain ?
    everyone dies alone…
    this particular death surely does not require extraordinary mourning on our part does it ?
    the article is written in a style i dont care for at all

  2. If I say yes. what are you going to do? :P

    Maybe because I’m not feeling too well, maybe because it hit me a bit that this guy lived on the limit and when he finally realized he can’t go on that way, he died.
    I didn’t say I’m mourning him. :)

    Oh, and I really liked the style the article was written in. :P

  3. Serge

    :P than i really deplore you :p even if i have not much sympathy for the man at least he should have his peace in death .. the article is overflowing with abusive comments and allusions which is i think quite uncalled for
    if you say yes i gonna deplore you because you will not recover if something happens to people you really care for .. that is noble but alas self destructing

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