thierry is
… in the house
… quite philosophical about the end of the wall –
… extremely visual
… fluent in french
… a standard –
and quite a high standard… :)
… director –
it’d be interesting to know of what
… unbelievable –
… a software engineer
… cute –
… a graduate of the parson school of design in new york in environmental design and interior design –
eh, nope
… at a cocktail party in munich –
I’d like to be there, but unfortunately I’m not
… a nice guy and he will try to answer your questions –
as long as they’re not too complicated
… a very honest guy
… a diplomat who speaks languages with the fluency that his profession demands
… french and has developed his own personal style of illustrating which is instantly recognizable
… great
… one of greatest french stylists and he is well known to know sublime the body of the women
… currently the general manager and artistic director of the aesthete studio which he created in 1985
… focussing on children’s rights
… cool
… a top level scientology man at washington –
… thoroughly at home in the world of instinct and of spirit
… multilingual and brings significant experience with web development
… aware of this or doing anything about it; i’ve notified him but haven’t had a reply
… very busy
… 22 years old –
… 25 years old –
… 35 years old –
… listed as the second –
no! I wanna be the first!
… exceptionally strong
… looking for a house that isn’t too expensive –
any offers?
… a brilliant designer whose taste level is sophisticated and subtle –
wow, I feel honoured
… emotional and passionate
… the director of the centre choreographique national/ballet biarritz –
… a particularly emotional character
… one of the most gifted –
thank you
… full of game
… a local haitian guide who grew up hunting zombies –
yeah, and I was quite successful if I may say so
… working on a utility for displaying html documents on the z88 in a readable format –
come on, the Z88’s so obsolete
… understandably shocked and surprised –
… a writer and works in a library; this is where he met marianne

The list is only an excerpt, you can read the full list here: Googlism on Thierry

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  1. Serge

    Thierry is :

    … bored :D ?

  2. No. Just bridging the (self-imposed) time gap between Desperate Housewives and The 4400. :)

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