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Since the launch of this blog people have been asking me when I’m going to create my own template for the blog, and I didn’t really like the prefabricated templates I tried over the last months (Benevolence and Red Train) either. So here is an all new design: simplistic, kept in blue, black and white, and I got rid of the white font on black background which Gilles had critized (and I guess he was right, though I didn’t want to accept that at the time :)).

I’ve tried to test everything, but if anyone gets an error somehwere, please let me know. The about page is now also updated, so you can find the different possibilities to contact me there. (You’re of course free to use the comments function, but I’d prefer an email or IM). Thanks for that in advance.

Then, and this is the most important, I’ve also changed the name of this blog. Thoughts, I admit, did sound totally unoriginal and I should have chosen a different name right from the start. It would be extremely kind if those of you who have included me in their blogroll could change the name of the link. Many thanks for that in advance, too!

Simulacrum, by the way, comes from the Latin word “simulare” and denotes a copy without an original (that is for example the painting of a god, being a representation of something the artist has never seen).

That said, I hope you like the new design. :)

7 thoughts on “Renewals”

  1. Raffael Mancini

    Very sleek design. I would just appreciate it if you could increse the font size a little.

  2. like it :) the black line beneath the header prolonging to the left is a tiny little bit annoying in my taste ;) but i dont really see any other way to solve the design problem so i better shut up

  3. Merci iech all. :)

    @ Federico: Merci dass de den Numm an denger Blogroll ge?§nnert hues. :)

    @ Raff: Du kruus ee Punkt m?©i. :) M?©i ges?§it iergendw?©i schiel aus. :)

    @ Serge: Mengs de net ech h?§tt mech dat och gefrot w?©i dat besser geet? :P Ech well dat Bild am Header awer behaalen, an wann ech och nach l?©nks ee Strech maachen ges?§it sch?§iss aus, hun ech scho prob?©iert. :) Mee mettlerweil gef?§llt et mer iergendw?©i. Eppes muss jo bessen unecken. :)

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