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This is our set! Come on get outta here!

  • 25.03.200621.12.2008

Honestly, I don’t really like InDigital, I’ve watched every episode so far and the only one I enjoyed was the very first one. Not that they’re less competent than the other guys at Revision 3, they just don’t talk about things I’m interested in – the show’s limited to the US market, most of the gadgets they talk about aren’t even available yet here in Europe. The jokes sometimes seem a bit too forced to me, and my favourite one of the three hosts, Andrew Hawn, only appeared a minute or so in the last episode and not at all in the preceding one.

Nevertheless, the last episode was quite funny, which was mostly due to the fact that they spoofed diggnation and had the fantastic Alex Albrecht as a special guest (and he didn’t mention his girlfriend once, which is kind of a historical moment ;)).

If you are a Rev3 fan and haven’t downloaded the latest InDigital yet or don’t want to watch the whole show, here is the diggnation parody they played at the beginning of the episode. (49 seconds, 2 mb, H.264) I highly recommend watching the whole episode though, as Alex Albrecht does a coverage and is on InDigital Wire, too. :)

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