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(Yes, usually I don’t post The Fallen poems on the blog, but this one fairly gets my mood.)

A white shadow evanescing forevermore
Into so much more, on paramount an illusion:
The black angel stepping past going blinds,
Raven hair shining so purely auburn,
An apathetic sleep through unblended innocence
Becoming lucent, this envisioned noir dream.
Two blank stares if not unrecognizing glances,
So gorgeous, fair and beautiful, so delirious with pain,
So distract with joy and heavenly lionizing.
Modular alteration modifying it all completely, instantly.
The further they take her, golden wings so maroon,
The less she is being missed much more by me,
Sublunar being, perishable soul on a solitary walk.
Nor smile nor whisper nor bow nor greeting
Has been.

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