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“You… you have no idea what is upon us now!”

May is going to be such a great month! The trailer for X-Men: The Last Stand is finally out, and it looks like it’s going to be a worthy end to a great trilogy!

It has got all of the great actors whom we already know from X-Men and X2 (Patrick Stewart O.B.E., Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, et al.) and it has excellent new actors, the most noteworthy in my opinion being Ben Foster (as Angel), who some of you might know out of HBO’s hit series Six Feet Under, and young actor Cameron Bright (as Leech) who I particularly liked in Stargate SG1‘s season 9, but who was also great in the movie Birth.

“Who do you stand with?” – Magneto

The special effects look fantastic, the music (at least in the trailer) is splendid and the story seems, although exactly as one may have expected, interesting and quite complex: The tension between humanity and mutants gets out of control when a pharmaceutical company succeeds in creating a “cure” to suppress the mutant genes. While Magneto and his army prepare war against humanity, Professor X, having always tried to prevent an apocalypse-like downfall of humanity, fights for the humans. Xavier and his fellow mutants see themselves and the world confronted to a merciless war and “fury nobody has ever witnessed” (sic Magneto). What makes things even worse is the fact that Phoenix, who died in X2, rises from the dead as Dark Phoenix and joins forces with Magneto, making an already invincible army even stronger.

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