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Human being à la Thierry

(This is a poem I wrote for a course at university, the assignment having been to write a poem about ourselves.)

Tip several decades of life into a baking pan,
Put in 250 grams of passion for writing prose and poetry,
A pinch of inclination towards photography,
And a deciliter of interest in design, branding and film editing.
Add two level teaspoonfuls of interest in quantum mechanics
And a broad musical taste with a preference for rock.
Don’t forget tolerance, anarchism and the wish to travel the world,
Then bake it for nine months at 37 degrees and serve it to the world.

2 thoughts on “Human being à la Thierry”

  1. Jo, zwar keng Punkten, mee eng Kritik: de Proff huet d’Idee vum Rezept gudd fonnt, well dat weist dass een vl?§it net ganz eleng s?§in Liewen bestemmt mee dass et och aner Facteuren gin d?©i matspillen (t’ass souzesoen d’Schicksal wat d’Zoutaten dram?©cht an eis “baakt”).

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